Quite possibly the most ridiculous Tales from the Crypt story you'll ever read

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October is here, and our minds are turning towards horror comics, particularly old-school titles like Tales from the Crypt. Here's one of TFTC's most absurd tales. It's about two lovers at Mardi Gras, one of whom has a dark secret.

There's so much to love about this 1953 story from Tales from The Crypt 38 I don't know where to start:

1.) Its premise. Everything about it. If a draft of this comic was presented in The Twilight Zone writers' room, Rod Serling would throw a chair at you.
2.) The notion that this weird-ass comic was likely responsible for the sexual awakenings of a couple hundred members of the Silent Generation.
3.) The boneheaded idea to go drunk driving into the night and wake up a small-town parishioner for a Hurricane-fueled wedding.
4.) Suzanne's wan dismissal of Herbert: "I know...YAWN."
5.) The fact that Herbert's beer muscles turn him into a goddamn cyborg.
6.) The vault-keeper's post-game banter: "She may lose face!"


This gem was spotted on Scans Daily.