R/C Mechagodzilla is Possessed By Satan

There is no doubt about it—a 20-inch tall R/C Mechagodzilla is something a lot of kids (and quite a few adults) would like to get their hands on this holiday season. The size is definitely impressive, but Bandai has also thrown in some spinning hands and decked it out with LEDs to sweeten the deal. However, the best part has to be the 360 degree rotating head that can go all Linda Blair at the push of a button. On the negative side, the fact that it is a Japan-only release is a real kick in the groin for fans in the states. Then the $830 price tag swoops in to deliver the knockout punch.

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[Digital Gadgets Freak via Technabob]


Creole Trash Panda

All this is missing is the crazy 80's screaming commerical guy!

Paging Billy Mays