R2-D2 Aquarium With Radar Eye Periscope

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Now you can add "fish tank" along side "beverage cooler" and "projector" on the long list of job titles R2-D2 has had in his post-acting career. But rest assured that no matter what his occupation happens to be, R2 has a strong work ethic. In addition to housing your fish, he will rotate his head and utter his trademark bleeps with any voice command. He also features overhead LED tank lights that rotate colors and a periscope built-into his radar eye for spying on the fish floating in his robo-belly. On the downside, R2 never works cheap—this beauty will set you back $130. [Hammacher Schlemmer via TFTS via Geekalerts]


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Also, since it's an SW theme, it has to have really weird looking creatures in it. For anyone so inclined, just gut out the head, install the UV/actinic 10W marine light and create a tiny nanomarine tank, complete with a weird ass, but badass mantis shrimp.