R2D2 Trash Can Gladly Accepts Your Garbage

R2D2 sold out. Not only was his name and likeness used in a projector (that I had to walk really far to get pictures of at CES, thank you very much) and a Pepsi dispenser, but now he's whoring himself out as a garbage can. For shame. The lid opens by stomping on his middle foot thing, where the secrets of the cosmos await. The can stands at 24 inches tall and is only available in Japan, meaning you'll have to pay all sort of import duties if you really want it.


And who could forget all those other, wildly entertaining Star Wars gadgets, like the Yoda backpack and full-size StormTrooper suits? Don't forget my personal favorite, the MacBook Pro turned into a light saber.

Product Page [ThinkGeek via I4U News]

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