Radiation Cases Set To Go Through Courts

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Could cellphone radiation lawsuits be the next big tobacco? Looks like the Supreme Court thinks so, and today decided against hearing an appeal from cellphone companies like Nokia and Cingular Wireless.

This means that class-action lawsuits will indeed be able to go froward, arguing that manufacturers knew about and hid the risks of radiation emissions wireless phones posed to users. Obviously, nobody knows yet what, if any, impact wireless products will have on our health. And I may be the only moron around without an earpiece, But have certainly heard the rumblings from health advocates expressing concern over the frequency radiation that come from wireless phones and radios. Right now five lawsuits have been filed and one will go forward in federal court while the others will go forward in state court.


The big worry for the wireless companies?

The wireless industry is worried about being required to adhere to numerous different emissions requirements imposed by states, something the service providers and manufacturers argue would wreak havoc on the industry and consumers.

US high court won't hear wireless radiation appeal [Reuters]

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