Raging Bull: The Greatest Boxing Movie Ever (!)

Raging Bull is the greatest boxing movie of all time. It's also an enormously classic film—Scorsese, De Niro, punching, blood. And it's a true story.

Who's in it?

Robert De Niro absolutely dominates the film, because hey, he's Robert De Niro playing Jake LaMotta one of the greatest boxers of all time. Joe Pesci plays Jake's brother, and shines as well—because hey, he's Joe Pesci, and when does he ever disappoint?


What's it about?

It's a typical rise and fall sports tale, but there are few that even approach doing it this well. There's love, crime, success—and some of the greatest fighting scenes ever filmed. Ever.

Why do we like it?

It's the closest thing to actually getting punched in the face by a very strong man. Scorsese creates an incredibly gritty world for LaMotta and his saga, and even if you know how the real life story plays out, it's a very, very tense film. Raging Bull isn't exactly a pick me up, but if you can stomach it, you owe yourself to endure it.


Raging Bull (1980), 129 minutes — Netflix

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Mr. Blonde

Greatest boxing movie ever you say, comrade?