Rainn Wilson's Super Gets A Bona Fide Superhero: Nathan Fillion!

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Slither director James Gunn has just added some massive geek-cred to his superhero film, Super. Nathan "Captain Hammer" Fillion, Bubbles from The Wire and many more beloved genre actors have joined Kevin Bacon and Rainn Wilson's dark comedy.

Super announced that James Gunn, who wrote and is directing this dark superhero comedy, has enlisted a whole slew of amazing cast members from some of our favorite projects. Nathan Fillion, Linda Cardellini (Freaks And Geeks), Gregg Henry (Slither), Michael Rooker (Slither), Sean Gunn (Brother and Gilmore Girls regular), Lloyd Kaufman, Andre Royo (Bubs from The Wire) and Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Show) are all joining the cast. It's like a collection of our favorite actors! This news completely raises the bar for this dark comedy. Let's not forget they're already joining Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon.


Super is centered around Rainn Wilson who, according to the synopsis, "plays an average guy who takes on the pseudo-superhero alter ego of the Crimson Bolt, after watching his wife (Tyler) fall under the spell of a charming drug dealer. Lacking super powers, he compensates by swinging a trusty wrench."

Please, oh please let these actors play Tick-esque superheros. It's been too long since we've had a world of flawed yet laughable supers who pack a punch. Granted, Kick-Ass is just around the corner, but it's sorely lacking in the crucial Kevin Bacon department. The project is currently filming in Louisiana