Razor's Jetts Turn Any Pair of Shoes Into Rolling Heelys

Admit it, when you see a bunch of kids wearing Heelys roll past you at the mall, deep down you wish there was a version for adults, right? With Razor’s new strap-on Jetts, there finally is. And they work with any pair of shoes, and any grownup weighing less than 176 pounds.


That probably means some of you taller, larger folks won’t be able to use a pair of the $40 Jetts without them breaking underfoot. But the rest of us finally have a great reason to look forward to our commute to and from work.

And while the Jetts have a fun feature where they emit a spray of sparks out the back when angled just right, they don’t rely on a rechargeable battery which means unlike a hoverboard, they’ll never catch fire or explode. That alone might be their biggest selling point.

[Razor via GQ]

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