RC Cooler Robot Brings You Beers When No One Else Will

The Skinny: No more yelling across the room, ordering the kids to bring you that brewski when you have an RC Cooler from Inter Active Toy. The Catch: It runs on eight C batteries, but they are said to last for six hours of continuous use. We just wish it were rechargeable, with its own little charging garage.

It has a 30-foot range, and can hold a six pack on ice if you're really thirsty. Might be a great drink trolley for the Gizmodian lair. Check this $49.99 sobriety transformation device scooting around on its four sturdy wheels, ready to do your bidding as you manipulate its handy remote control. Available this spring. [Interactive Toy]


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I think they kind of missed the point...

The whole deal with having a robot that I can say, "Hey, get me a beer!" is :

A. Coolness factor

B. Ice Cold Beer straight from the fridge

C. No need to clean up

D. The robot should prepare said beer (pop the cap off, or open the can)

So, this hits on one factor, A, it'd be cool for about 30 minutes until you realize "Oh shit, I could have the same exact results with a cooler, and I'd save $$"