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Read Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Emails Right Here

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Since the State Department’s taking its time making public information public, The New York Times just released about a third of Hillary Clinton’s private, Benghazi-related emails. Read up because it’s transparency America’s been denied—plus it’s just fun to read politicians’ private correspondence.

Below you’ll find 349 pages from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s old inbox, pages that were stored on a private server at her home in New York. (The State Department plans on releasing about 850 total pages of email from Clinton’s servers.) Clinton says she didn’t want to use her official State Department email address because she didn’t want to fumble with more than one device. That’s bullshit.


But anyways, about these emails. The only thing you really need to know is that Clinton did communicate “sensitive but unclassified” information over her homebrew email system. That’s not as bad as sending classified or top secret information over a system of questionable security, but it does support the argument that this email boondoggle is a political nightmare.

But hey, enough out of me. You came here to read Hillary’s email. Don’t feel bad about doing it either. Hillary wants you to read it. She said so herself.