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Ready your House Stark Jokes, GoT Christmas decorations are here

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know what reminds me of Christmas? A throne of a thousand swords forged together by the heat of dragon fire hanging from my tree. Wait, what?

Yes, we're nearly in December, so it's time for licensed nerdy Christmas stuff out the wazoo - including this new Westeros-themed decoration ideal for your fir tree and/or Weirwood Heart tree depicting the Iron Throne in miniature scale. I'm not sure it has the same sort of Holiday cheer as a shiny bauble, but then again what does have Holiday cheer in Game of Thrones? Everyone's either too depressed, drunk or dead for hanging tinsel.


The 4" tall throne isn't as heavy as its bigger counterpart thankfully, so you can happily dress your tree in a bunch of them - and at $10 a piece, not too pricey either, if you want your decorations to show your love of GoT loud and proud.

You might want to purchase them soonish though. Because, you know, Winter is Coming. Oh god dammit, so close.


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