Recreating Tesla's Wireless Power Experiments

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If you have a thing for Tesla coils (and who doesn't really) you will be interested in this experiment/history lesson about wireless power put on by Omega Recoil at this year's Maker Faire.


During the presentation, they provide some background on Nikola Tesla's experiments and attempt to recreate them by powering a light bulb wirelessly at various distances. It works of course—in 1899 Tesla managed to transmit 100 million volts of power over a distance of 26 miles where it lit up a bank of 200 light bulbs and an electric motor. So why haven't figured out how to do this on a large scale over the last 100 years? [Fora]



That guys name is Sparky Jewell? Really? No wonder science is his best friend. It can't make fun of him...