Red Dwarf's Return Gets Spoiled

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The new Red Dwarf special episodes have been given their official title... and it's so spoilerish, we can't even tell you it above the fold. Spoiler warnings for everyone past this point. Seriously!


The new episodes will be titled Red Dwarf: Back To Earth and will, according to the BBC, see the crew of the mining ship finally return home after eight seasons and millions of years. Whether or not this will be the "real" Earth of their own time (The crew having already visited alternate Earths and time-traveled back to the past of their own Earth) is open to question, but if so, this may be a fitting conclusion to the series... unless they decide to go the Battlestar Galactica route.

Red Dwarf: Back To Earth is due to air in the UK in early April.

Red Dwarf voyages back to Earth [BBC News]


crashedpc /sarcasm

*shrieks* Red Dwarf is back!

*shrieks* Wuh? Back to Earth? But... but... the whole point was that they weren't able to go back and were floating around getting married off to furry aliens!

*shrieks* My throat hurts from shrieking!