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Rejoice! Cellphones Are Safe Again (Until They Aren't)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Scandinavians have arrived, data in tow, and those communication devices we press to our ears hundreds of times per week are safe again.

I say safe "again" because I honestly don't know where we stand in the back and forth debate between cellphone manufacturers, Chicken Littles and these-are-bad-for-you studies from legitimate scientists.


Were cellphones safe up until now, and this data just reinforces that fact, or was the last study a doom and gloom bombshell that had us all promising to use our phones a few minutes less each day—that is until we realized we love our phones and started using them normally again a few hours later? I can't remember, and neither can my sperm.


In any event, this latest study falls into the "safe" category. Good. And it's a huge study. Also good. Executed by the Danish Cancer Society ad published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the final report details brain cancer rates in Scandinavian countries over the past 30 years. The result? The researchers did not find "any clear change in the long-term time trends in the incidence of brain tumours." There was a slow increase in glioma diagnosis since the 1970s, they note, but the increase could be explained by factors outside of cellphone use. Time to use some minutes!

Regardless of the results, what I do know is that, tumor or no tumor, you'll never catch me wearing a Bluetooth headset. We don't need any additional data on that front. See you all next month when cellphones are bad for you again. [CrunchGear]