As Justin Long foretold, Apple has officially concluded their "Get a Mac" campaign, ending a particularly irritating chapter of tech advertising history. The window for nostalgia here is impossibly small, so watch this comprehensive recap while you still care.


In five years time you'll probably be glad to have forgotten these ads ever existed, but today and today only, it's worth watching OneMoreThing's amazingly thorough recap of all the spots. Who knew so many of these even existed? Besides Justin Long, of course, who watches the entire set of them every week, smiling smugly at himself smiling smugly.

The ads have been removed from and replaced with a new "Why You'll Love a Mac" page, which will have to hold you over until Apple rolls out their next series of commercials featuring Zach Galifianakis as a bumbling PC and Michael Cera as a cool, aloof Mac. Kidding! (Probably.) [OneMoreThing via TUAW]

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