Relive the Majesty of the Historic Falcon Landing With Gratuitous Guitar Shredding

Did you know you were waiting for an epic supercut of SpaceX’s historic Falcon 9 launch and landing, complete with a suspenseful soundtrack and a victorious cheering scene that looks like it was ripped straight out of The Martian? Probably not, but SpaceX has delivered!


At this point, you’ve certainly heard that SpaceX made history by sending a Falcon 9 rocket into orbit and landing it softly back on Earth. We all saw the badass photos. Now, the rocket company has gifted the citizens of Earth a highlight reel, and it’s as over-the-top ridiculous as anything a hardcore space nerd could have hoped for.

SpaceX, we love you, we wish you many successful rocket landings to come, and your cheesy promo video is making us grin wide. But let’s not start a trend here or anything.

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That rocket stage was not brought back from orbit, simply because it was never in orbit.