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Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

Bing Actually Stealing Google Market Share...Next-Gen Robotic Panda Will Sing Songs, Shoot Guns, Be "Attracted to Humans"...Linus Calls Linux Fat...Palm Cries to USB Forum About Apple and iTunes, Gets Nowhere...

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In what may go down in history as the The Year Microsoft Didn't Fuck Anything Up, Microsoft's massive redesign of its search engine is apparently winning converts. ComScore says Bing's marketshare has grown from 8.9% to 9.3%. Slim bonus, you say? Too soon to call, perhaps? Search expert John Batelle told BBC News that it was a sign that people were considering something other than Google. Hey, there's nothing wrong with doing a little Binging on the side. [BBC News]

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Linus Torvalds shocked a bunch of Linux nerds the other day at a convention in Portland by saying that his nearly eponymous open-source OS has become "bloated and huge." Apparently not to be misheard, he elaborated on his point: "It's a bit sad that we are definitely not the streamlined, small, hyper-efficient kernel that I envisioned 15 years ago...The kernel is huge and bloated, and our iCache footprint is scary. I mean, there is no question about that. And whenever we add a new feature, it only gets worse." The sad part is, it'll probably have to double in size again before any normal human can figure out how to use it daily. [Register UK via Slashdot]

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Palm is pissed off that they can't use iTunes to sideload music to the Pre, because Apple has this little funny thing about proprietary software working with proprietary hardware which somehow caught the a Palm development team full of Apple veterans off guard. To get back on iTunes, Palm appealed to the USB Implementers Forum, saying that Apple was being unfair. It went further, saying that to combat this, Palm would break one of the forum's rules. The forum said, "Sorry, that's actually not how life goes." Am I missing some greater point to this seemingly idiotic series of strongly worded letters? [BusinessWeek]

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Mad as a Hatter

i switched to bing for everything but image searches

google still has that handy specific image size thing

but once bing gets that I'm so done with google

since i found things on bing that i couldn't on google