Remember Swine Flu? Well, It's A Pandemic After All

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While public concern over the H1N1 influenza may have quietened down, that doesn't mean that the threat of swine flu is over for now. Just the opposite - the WHO has officially designated it the first pandemic in over 40 years.

Announcing the change in pandemic status level, the World Health Organization made clear that this did not mean that the virus was any more dangerous than previously thought, but simply that it was more widespread; the decision to upgrade the status came after it emerged that the virus was spreading freely not only in Mexico and North America, but also Australia, Britain, Chile and Spain. In addition, WHO director general Margaret Chan said, further spread of the virus was inevitable at this point, adding that "we have to brace ourselves for more deaths."

Currently, the virus has officially spread to 74 countries, with over 27,000 cases identified, and 141 deaths.


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