Reminder: Lego Minifig Contest Ends Today

In case you missed it in our huge photographic timeline of the Lego minifig, today is the deadline for the Giz Lego Minifig video contest. We have got a ton of entries, some of them really amazing ones (one of these actually came in the mail literally two minutes ago). So if you are just about to finish it, hurry up because it ends today before 12AM). If you have sent it already or you are a lazy person, you can sit down, relax, and enjoy all Gizmodo posts celebrating the most iconic figure ever: Videos • Exclusive Video: How Lego Builds the Minifigs. • Minifigs can also time your chicken pies. • Instead of doing a Lego minifig of yourself, buy a $60,000 natural-sized replica. • The secret imperial Lego Stormtroopers clone-making factory. • Lego employees use custom Lego minifigs as business cards, as that's why we hate them. Galleries and images • Exclusive: The Lego Minifig Timeline. • Why are minifigs yellow? Why there are no blonde minfigs? All you ever wanted to know about them is in our Lego Megaguide. And yes, that's me "minifiged" in the image. • Steve Jobs minifig commanding a real Mac Pro Lego clone. • He can also deliver Lego MacWorld keynotes. • If you ever wanted to see how 35,310 Lego Clone Troopers look like together, click here. • Lego is not limited to Star Wars: check this custom Cylon minifig with LED eye. • Iron Man got the LED too for his arc reactor. • Of course, the Lego clonetroopers also got the LED treatment. • The Anatomy of a Lego Minifig: How a minifig really looks inside. • Baseball to break minifig legs. • Imperial Stormtrooper minifigs participate in the Beijing Olympics. • The Beijing Olympics in minifig scale.


80,000-brick Lego Ferrari requires giant Schumacher minifig. • Somebody once loved me even when I was a minifig obsessed noodle, and I still love her more than all the Lego bricks and minifigs in the world. • Army of Lego transvestites celebrate the minifig anniversary. • Lego men minifigs also go to the beach and wear thongs, to the horror of other minifigs. • Lego minifig skull can hide your secrets. • Lego minfigs can also be armed and go to war thanks to custom weaponsIn Lego land, there are also iPod ads with black silhouettes of minifigs dancing against primary colors. [Lego Minifig Contest Rules]

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