Remix The Moaning Ladies Of The Spirit

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Scariest movie marketing ever: Frank Miller brings together his gaggle of gals from The Spirit and has each of them give a little soundbite when you mouse over her poster. Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Jaime King and Sarah Paulson lay the verbal cheesecake on thick, moaning and purring a sexy innuendo or pick-up line. I have an awful mental image of Miller in the darkened sound booth demanding the girls to sound more seductive. This piece of marketing trash is just begging for a "Justify My Love"-esque Madonna-style remix and we here at io9 want you to come up with it. Click through for more contest details.

This collection of pop-up sounds is so ridiculous, we're left wondering if any of our intrepid readers could make our dreams come true by creating an overly sexy song, voiced by The Spirit's sirens. Trust me it's quite enjoyable — my filthy giggly mind spent minutes running the mouse over Jamie King and hearing her do her phone-sex impression. This is trying so hard to be sexy, it's comedy gold. What's next Miller, a car wash in white t-shits to promote The Spirit? Please submit your sexy Spirit sounds in the comments below, either in a URL or embedded youtube. We'll pick the best one and post it later in the week. Check out the ad at Yahoo and roll your mouse over each poster to hear the reactions.