Illustration for article titled Remote
Illustration for article titled Remote

One of the first apps we saw, and still among the best in terms of usefulness. If you use iTunes frequently at home and especially if you listen away from your desk via a stereo hookup or Airport Express, you need the Remote.



From The App Developers: Be a mobile DJ. With Remote, you can control the music on your computer or Apple TV from your iPod touch or iPhone. Play, pause, skip, shuffle. See your songs, playlists, and album art on your iPod touch or iPhone as if you were right in front of your computer.

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If they can do this, then I believe they should also be able to make the iPhone show up as a "Shared Device" on your tv. Imagine if a friend could bring a movie over on their phone, and we watch it up on the big screen! After all, the full-res video gets copied to the phone.