Remote Control Cup Holder: For Lazy/Adventurous Drunks

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I'm not sure if this is meant for seriously lazy people or for college kids looking for an alternative to beer pong, but either way it looks pretty fun. It's basically just a remote control car with a cup holder in the top, allowing you to send it into the kitchen to have someone refresh your drink without having to get off the couch. Alternately, I can imagine a pretty sweet drinking game involving maneuvering this to yourself through an obstacle course without spilling. Anyone want to develop a drinking game that uses this thing? Let's start something big here, people.


It's available now for $40.

Product Page [via Coolest Gadgets]

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-Opponents start on either side of the room, each with an rc cuppie car containing a full cup of brewskie.

-An obstacle course is set up between and the two race across the room to get to the opponent.

-The time is recorded and whatever has not spilled from the cups must be imbibed (the course must be of sutable difficulty)

-After a pre-determined number of rounds the times are tallied and the loser must take a shot/lose an article of clothing/sing the windows 386 song/whatever your twisted heart desires.

This game will, eventually devolve into a drunken destruction derby, and I'm sure the beer will short out the cars, but hey it was fun until the cops showed up, right?