Report: ABC Is Making an App For Streaming Live TV

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ABC is reportedly planning an app that will let cable subscribers stream live network TV to a tablet or smartphone, the New York Times says.


Lots of networks have apps where you can watch shows with a delay—CBS just released one last week. But this will be the very first time a major network has launched one that lets you watch shows in real time. So you could actually watch Good Morning America while you ride the bus to work, for example.


Apparently ABC's app will work much like the Watch ESPN or Watch Disney apps. Log in with your cable account, and watch whatever's on. In fact, those titles are probably a good guess at what ABC's version might look like, considering Disney owns all three stations. Sure we know how these things work, but it's nice to see one network thinking about how people actually watch TV. [New York Times]

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But what about those of us who can prove that we get ABC over the air? When will broadcasters (specifically those OTA broadcasters) realize that we're willing to watch commercials in exchange for streamed programming, JUST LIKE WE DO WITH LIVE TV??!?

Looks like people's options for that are still Slingbox (one-time purchase) or Aereo (monthly purchase), neither of which actually make the broadcasters any money. Looks like content providers are still burying their heads in the sand about the current digital revolution........