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New Kindle Fires Might Get the Washington Post For Free

Illustration for article titled New Kindle Fires Might Get the emWashington Post/em For Free

Ever since Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plucked up the Washington Post, we've wondered how he would merge it into his personal empire. And here we have it: The Post is launching a magazine-style app that will come preloaded on new Kindle Fires, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.


Sources tell Bloomberg that the Post app will be free on the new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX tablets that Amazon will launch later this fall. It'll also be eventually available with a monthly subscription fee on other Kindles as well as the iPad and Android devices.

The Post app, dubbed "Project Rainbow" internally at the paper, is supposed to repackage the daily newspaper into a tablet-friendly format. Since Bezos bought the paper, he's gone on a hiring spree and invested in digital experiments like Project Rainbow.


This all makes sense with Amazon's broader strategy of making devices that funnel Amazon content to you. With Amazon already publishing books and making TV shows, here is yet another piece of Bezos-funded content for your consumption. [Bloomberg]

Top image: AP Photo/Reed Saxon

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That would seem to me, not to be much of an incentive.