Albert “BLADE” Wesker’s clones | S1E7 Resident Evil (2022) Netflix

Why is he black? According to showrunner Andrew Dabb when speaking to TheGamer, Wesker isn’t so devoted to the idea of a race of perfect humans that he would let himself be a single race. “We should probably not assume all eugenics equal Ubermensch,” he argued, “because I think that’s a very specific reading of history.” Were someone a “true eugenicist,” Dabb continued, they’d understand that it makes sense for perfect humans to be more diverse rather than a coalition of white people with Aryan blood. “I don’t think the character, the OG character Wesker in our show is eugenicist, but he wants to create the perfect human.”


Eugenics was a term coined in 1883 by Sir Francis Galton, and is a concept that argues human with “superior genes” would create a new and improved human race. Often backed with scientific language in order to legitimize it, it’s rooted in racism and classism, and has been used throughout history by the Nazis, Ancient Greece, and the United States. It’s been at the core of Resident Evil since the beginning, moreso than the zombies, and the white, blond Wesker is clearly made with the Ubermensch ideal in mind. The idea of him cloning himself to be more diverse very much feels like the desire to cast Reddick came first, then the justification came second. But it’s just weird and stupid enough to catch my attention.

So yes, I will watch you, Resident Evil. You’re probably not great, because the franchise is lovably inconsistent and the previous forays into live action have been hit or miss, but I will tune in for this. Everybody’s got at least one actor who they’ll mark out for, and Lance Reddick just happens to be mine. And if they get to do more seasons and actually play with the significance of a black Wesker, it’ll make the show even more interesting.


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