You know when LEDs are really cool? When they're saving your life. You know when backpack covers are cool? When you're getting soaked and they're keeping your gear dry. Respro's P15 Chevron is a sweet combination of the two.

The standard P15 Chevron easily attaches to cover most 15-30 liter backpacks, or you can get the large for up to 50 liter packs. That's a good thing, but y'know, standard for a backpack cover. Where it sets itself apart is the flashing chevrons down the back. You've got three modes to choose from: slow flashing, fast flashing, and always on. Two AA batteries should get you should get you 120 hours in flashing mode, which is mighty solid performance. As you can see from the video above, it'll definitely make you way more noticeable than a small blinker tucked under your seat, which translates to decreased chances of you being mowed down by some drunken idiot. You can get one for about 60 bucks. [The GearCaster]


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