Return Of The UFO That Mined Uranium In Argentina During The 1970s?

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An Argentinian newspaper reports that people have witnessed the return of UFOs that once mined uranium in the Frías area. In fact, this image is a cell phone snap of a recent UFO visit to the region.

According to El Liberal:

[The community of] Santiago del Estero was graced yet again by a new sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) framed against the sun, an identical copy to the phenomenon photographed and filmed by a resident of the city of Loreto last Sunday. On this occasion, the sighting occurred in La Banda and was recorded by an 11-year-old using his cellphone.

Fabio Zerpa – an acknolweledged scholar of extraterrestrial phenomena . . . reported that Santiago del Estero is an area of UFO sightings. He recalled at this point that "sightings have been reported in Santiago del Estero since the 1970s, such as the notorious case involving the green UFOs that extracted urnaium from the Frías region, as seams of this mineral can be found in the mineralogy maps of the area. Moreover, Zerpa added: "Contacts with alien objects are all of the first kind (CE-1), but there is no information regarding landings . . . We must have faith in that the witnesses photographed a UFO. But we must also consider that extraterrestrial artifacts come in 164 different shapes. Therefore, we must analyze the photos taken in Santiago to have a better idea of what's going on."

Yesterday's alleged photos of UFO in La Banda were taken by Victor Agustin Vazquez, 11, a 7th grade student.


First of all, UFOs mining uranium is totally awesome. Second, who knew that extraterrestrial artifacts come in only 164 different shapes? Collect them all!

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