RIAA Sues 10-year-old Girl with a Disabled Mom; Puppy Next

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The RIAA, a company that apparently thrives on getting bad press, is suing a 10-year-old girl for alleged copyright infringement made when she was 7. Oh, and did we mention that her mom's only income comes from Social Security disability assistance? Because it does.


Tune in next week, when the RIAA is expected to demand that this adorable puppy be put to sleep for accidentally stepping on the keys of this laptop when excited, initiating the download of a Carrie Underwood song.

Recording Industry vs. The People [via Boing Boing]



"So if a 10 year old boy raped a girl would we ignore it because his mom is on disability"

Joshovis, WTF are you smoking? This is quite possibly one of the most evil loads of bullshit I've read today, and I've been on youtube.

Advocates of the RIAA are ignorant turds that know little about their history. Those that are aware of their past actions yet still defend them are either just as evil as they are, or just plain fucking stupid.

Suing dead people, children, people with no working computer, people who have no peer to peer software and the like seems to be the favored agenda of these stuffed shirt vultures. What amazes me is that people don't seem to mind them having software that violates both your privacy and the law, then turn around and claim that we should respect the law. Amazing. One thing I can't stand is a hypocrite.