Ricoh Wants to Kill Paper Forms, Forever

The paper letter is dead, the fax is obsolete, and I can't remember the last time I sharpened a pencil. And yet paper forms abound—leases, receipts, agreements of all sorts. Ricoh thinks their tablet will end it all.

The eQuill uses the same guts as the Kindle—mostly. Its screen is much faster, so flipping through pages of dull text to get to the important stuff is easier. You can also write directly on the eQuill's screen with a stylus, making it a viable replacement for... anything else you'd need to sign. After edited on the tablet, a given form is whisked away to the cloud, where it's transferred and processed just like its paper counterpart would be. Only, you know, without making trees cry.


The eQuill's just a prototype for now, but I imagine there are plenty of companies that'd like to make things easier for them (and you) by ditching paper. [All Things D]

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