Ricoh's New Zoom Module Lets the GXR Compete With Big Boy DSLRs

Illustration for article titled Ricohs New Zoom Module Lets the GXR Compete With Big Boy DSLRs

The beauty of Ricoh's GXR modular camera system is that you're not stuck with the same sensor for the life of the camera. And starting next year, the company will introduce a new 16MP zoom option with an APS-C sensor.


The module pairs an f3.5-5.5, 24-85mm zoom lens with the sensor that's larger than those found in the popular Micro Four Thirds cameras, allowing it to compete with DSLRs when it comes to image quality. The new module was originally supposed to be released by the end of this year, but its 16MP sensor is manufactured by Sony, who've seen production delays after the floods in Thailand. So it will instead be officially announced on January 5th, with sales starting a few weeks later on January 20th. And since it will be on display at CES in-between those dates, we'll hopefully have a chance to get some time with it. [Ricoh via Impress Watch via The Verge]

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I know sensors are getting better, but aren't the processor and memory also getting better? I wonder how much you'll really benefit here.