Ridley Scott reveals why he's taking Prometheus to Iceland. Plus new set photos for The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel!

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Is Evil Dead 4 finally happening? A Sherlock Holmes poster reveals a major villain. A Firefly star will play a key role on next season's Supernatural. Plus new posters and images for Captain America, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes 2!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II.

The Dark Knight Rises

Newspaper photographer Andrew Smith recounts how he went to the Batman set in the Scottish highlands. He says that he saw a special effects unit working on a pyrotechnics-heavy stunt sequence with as many as four plane fuselages. He's pretty sure they are working on a plane crash sequence, and that all the parachuting stunts we've been reading about are people jumping off the plane before it's too late. He speculates that these may be members of the League of Shadows, but there's no real way to know on that point. He also took a bunch of set photos, some of which you can see here. We also recommend checking out his entire, rather humorous account of trying to get access to the set over at the link. [Meejahor.com]

Man of Steel

Here are some photos from Plano, Illinois that are rumored to depict the structure being built to portray the Kent family farm. Also, the latest rumor is that Superman will fly through an IHOP sign at some point in the film, and the specially built sign is currently being shipped to Illinois. [Superman Homepage]

Captain America

Here's yet another round of promo images. [IGN]

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Here's a new poster. [Comic Book Movie]


Co-writer Joe Cornish says the movie is still happening and that he and Edgar Wright are still "drafting and drafting." He also said that, despite Wright's busy schedule, he will still definitely be directing the movie. [I Am Rogue]



Tipster Reynir Pálsson directed our attention to an interview with Ridley Scott with Gunnþórunn Jónsdóttir of the Icelandic news service mbl.is. More importantly, he provided a hugely helpful translation of what Scott was saying into English, and here are the highlights:

- The article's translated title is "Origins of aliens in Iceland"
- They are filming about 12-15 mins of on screen footage for the film on location near the "Hekla" volcano on the south coast of Iceland.
- The scenes that that are being filmed will be primarily be in the beginning of the film and involve the creation of the world. (It is kinda hard translating the "creation of the world" sentence but it might also imply the creation and/or origin of the Space Jockeys' first engineering attempts...or their homeplanet/home base... kind of vague but the direct translation is "world.")
- Production facilities have been set up near Hekla volcano and it currently has around 200 employees, around 100 of them Icelandic.
- They did look at other locations including the Mojave Desert but ultimately decided that the "rough and pristine" landscape near Hekla was the ideal spot and would suit the location and the atmosphere perfectly.
- H.R Giger has been involved form the start and is working on (translated quote) "... a big piece for me on this film."
- Ridley drops this as well (translated quote): "It will not be a direct link to the Alien movies but around the third act, you will start to see some relations/connections. I could explain to you how this scene plays out but that would be a shame. We go back in time, not forward."
- Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Guy Pierce, Logan Marshall-Green, Kate Dickie and Sean Harris are confimed for the movie and Ridley mentions that Noomi, Charlize, Michael, Idris, and Logan will be on location.


Thanks again to Reynir for this awesome tip!

Cowboys & Aliens

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Here's a cool new promo image. [Comic Book Movie]

The Thing

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Here's the first teaser poster for the long-delayed prequel to the John Carpenter sci-fi horror movie. [FirstShowing.net]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

Here are some more promo photos. [SpoilerTV]

Warner Bros. has released this featurette looking back at the entire franchise.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

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Here's the first poster featuring Mad Men and Fringe actor Jered Harris as Moriarty. And here's Harris explaining how he crafted his performance after the character's shadowy cameos (played by a different actor) in the first movie:

"But I didn't look at it ['appearance' by Moriarty in the first film] and try to figure out a way to always stay in the shadows or something so you can't see my face. It's a new story and obviously the character is connected to that first movie but it doesn't follow on exactly or directly from that story. I had license to interpret it and do it however I'd like to."


[I Am Rogue via TV Overmind]

The Night Stalker

Johnny Depp is reportedly teaming up with Disney to make an adaptation of the 1972 TV movie in which reporter Carl Kolchak goes on the trail of a serial killer and discovers his culprit is actually a vampire. [Deadline]


Evil Dead 4

According to an inside source, Sam Raimi's longtime editor Bob Murawski is headed to Detroit to begin work on the fourth film in the franchise, which will be "a small indie thing like the first two." That's all we know for now - it's not even clear if, say, Bruce Campbell is involved - and we'd advise taking this all with a pretty huge heaping of salt. [Dread Central]


G.I. Joe 2

Thor's Ray Stevenson has reportedly signed on to play Cobra saboteur, explosives expert, and master ninja Firefly. [Heat Vision]


Torchwood: Miracle Day

Here are a bunch of promo images for the second episode. [Blogtor Who]

Here's the first episode of the tie-in web series/motion comic, "Web of Lies."

Costar Arlene Tur describes her character:

Dr. Vera Juarez is a cardio surgeon. She is... I would say, she has a lot of integrity. She is very determined surgeon. She is very about her creed. And basically, she has gone into a position where all it leaves are questions with how she feels with this new phenomenon of immortality and how this could affect her job and everything that she knew to be true.




Michelle Krusiec, who among other things played the aged up version of Molly O'Brien in a DS9 episode, has revealed she has a recurring role in the fourth season. [SpoilerTV]


The Walking Dead

Director Gwyneth Horder-Payton describes filming a traffic-choked highway scene for the second season premiere:

It was a challenge. There were so many vignettes within the pileup — all these connected bits, people under the cars who had to see certain people under other cars. I already had a plan — and then we did a model — but then to do it on the site, you still have to make sure you could get under the cars and pick the right cars to get under. You can't get under most cars, so it was like a combination of suburban soccer mom cars and redneck trucks...For this episode, it felt like there was almost no dialogue. There was a lot of creeping around... But, I still had 11 actors who go around as one bunch, so it's this interesting little pipe tribe. It's like who goes first and then who goes next and why?



True Blood

Alan Ball reveals what's ahead for Sookie's always complicated love life:

"There's some fun stuff with Sookie and her men coming down the pike. The discovery that Sookie is still alive throws Alcide's world into turmoil. The spell has created an Eric that never would have existed before, and that is the person Sookie is falling for. They're both genuinely falling in love. [Bill] doesn't like it one bit. But eventually the clash between the witches and vampires is going to bring everyone together."


[TV Guide]


Firefly's Jewel Staite has been spotted on the set of the Jensen Ackles-directed third episode, and it seems most likely that she is playing Sam's former childhood friend Amy. [TV Overmind]


Season seven will reportedly show some of what Sam saw while in Hell, and these things will have a big effect on his life going forward. Jared Padalecki revealed the Impala will be rebuilt once again, and it looks like Kim Rhodes will be back as Sheriff Mills. [TV Overmind]

Warehouse 13

Here are some promo photos from episode 2, "Trials." [SpoilerTV]

Falling Skies

Here's a preview for the next episode, "Sanctuary (Part 1)."

Colin Cunningham discusses his character, the roguish John Pope:

He's most certainly an outlaw. He's a very intelligent man. The other renegades he hung out with may be buffoonish, but he is not. He's the kind of guy that would get on his Harley Davidson, get into a bar fight, then go to the local strip club, and then finish off the evening by visiting the library and reading some Herman Melville novels. I think that's why he connected with Noah Wyle's character in that second episode; they're both really intelligent guys. He's able to sit down and have a beer with a guy that can talk about more than just girls and violence or something base and stupid. I think Pope was missing that, needing that.

How would you characterize John Pope's moral compass?
He's not the nicest guy in the world. He's certainly an opportunist. He's entirely and completely out for himself. When it comes to helping the Second Massachusetts, if it's good for John Pope, he'll do it. If it isn't, he won't. The really interesting thing about Pope is that I don't think you're going to get some giant arc where he goes from sinner to saint. I think he'll go from sinner to sinner with a small glimmer of humanity.



Ben actor Connor Jessup previews what's ahead on the show:

Falling Skies gets, in my opinion, it just gets more exciting as it goes on. Anyone who's watched the show has seen that it's a slow-burn type of show. So as the series goes on, every episode you learn a little bit more, and more and more, about the aliens and about what they want, and especially in relation to my character.

You learn what's happening with these kids and what these harnesses do and how they tie everything together. So I think each episode reveals a little bit more of the mystery or pulls back a little bit more of the veil, so I think that's what will keep people watching. And some really good drama and really good action. Because it's a 10-episode series, there's no filler episodes, there's no junk episodes. Every episode is integral to the overall plot.



Teen Wolf

Here's a description for episode 8, "Lunatic":

Derek goes on the run from Sheriff Stilinski. Elsewhere, Scott faces his second full moon as a werewolf, with help from Stiles.


Top image from Mandy Curtis and Charlie Jane Anders.




As good as RDJ is as Sherlock Holmes, I am pretty sure that Benedict Cumberbatch is my Holmes. He's just so shockingly intense and watching the play of thoughts go across his face lightning quick is astonishing. What a great actor.