RIM Sues Messenger App Kik For Patent Infringement

Kik, the got-very-popular-very-fast cross-platform messaging app, was booted from BlackBerry's App World because of a breach of "contractual obligations," presumably breaching an obligation not to drive people away from BBM, RIM's own messaging platform which they hold near and dear to their hearts. Now RIM's saying that Kik (which like BBM includs indicators for when a message is delivered and read [which themselves, I'll take this opportunity to add, introduced to phones the undesirable politics of receiving messages, seeing who they were from, and declining to open them as to keep the little "D" indicator from turning into an "R") has infringed on one of their patents, and RIM has filed suit in Canada's Federal Court in Toronto. [David Lam]



I'm pretty sure my ex girlfriend was able to tell whether I received a message or not on her little LG flip phone from years ago.

I hate a lot of these patent cases.

Basically everyone I know downloaded Kik, but I can't say anyone has actually used it.