Illustration for article titled RipNAS Corners Market On SSD-based CD-Ripping NAS Devices With Statement Line

With the launch of two new Statement devices, RipNAS now effectively owns the CD-ripping NAS market, due to the fact that there's relatively little competition in the space.

Statement comes in two varieties: The no explanation necessary SSD and the HDD. RipNAS claims the SSD version is the first of its kind.


The silver box is based on Windows Home Server, and is capable of CD ripping (duh), media streaming and networked file storage. Inside, this silver fox boasts a dual-core Atom CPU, 2GB RAM and four USB 2.0 ports. The SSD is 500GB, and the HDD holds 3TB. Pricing info was incognito at press time. [RipNAS via Engadget]

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