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In the comments for yesterday's post about the unconcious jogger identified by her iPod, deeddawg pointed us to a company called Road ID. Founded by father and son team Edward and Mike Wimmer after dad asked his marathon-running son what would happen if he had an accident on the road, they make wearable IDs you can customize with your name, emergency contacts and medical information.

We really like the Shoe Pouch ID , which is waterproof, attaches to your sneaker and lets you carry things like a driver's license, cash and a key or two—you can get a Shoe ID if you don't want the pouch—and the Wrist ID (as seen in above photo), probably the best for visibility purposes as people will see it immediately if they have to take your pulse. Each costs $19.99, comes in your choice of three to four colors and with the unconditional guarantee that Road ID will replace the product if you somehow manage to wear it out.


Road ID also has a line called Firefly, gear you can attach to yourself or your belongings for high visibility on roads. The $12.99 Firefly Supernova is a clip-on flashing safety light with a super bright LED inside that'll go for 250 hours before you'll need to switch batteries.

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