Robin Has a Hilarious Entrance in The Lego Batman Movie

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We’re all psyched for The Lego Batman Movie. It’s Lego, it’s Batman, and the trailers have been wonderful. At CinemaCon 2016, Warner Bros. showed a nice long clip from the film, and it centered on the genius way Robin is introduced to this world.

The clip shows Alfred (voiced by Ralph Fiennes) lecturing Bruce (Will Arnett) about his need to be responsible. “It can start by raising the son you adopted,” he says. “I adopted a kid? I thought I was being sarcastic.” Cut to a young Lego mini-figure voiced by Michael Cera, taking an elevator to the Batcave. He bursts with excitement. “Is this the Batcave?” All of Batman’s various Batmobiles, Batwings, Batboats or whatever else pop up as he runs across a bridge. Then he sees Batman.

“Whoa, Batman lives in Bruce Wayne’s basement?”

“No,” Batman says. “Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s attic.”

The boy then starts rifling through all of Batman’s suits. These flew by on screen so fast, it was impossible to get them all down. But there was El Mariachi Batman, Death Merchant Batman, Glam Batman, Silent But Deadly Batman, Winged Avenger Batman and many more. Then he comes upon Reggae Man. Batman explains he used it for a single mission but, it’s clear that this is the Robin suit. The boy tries it on and loves it but says the pants are too tight. He won’t be able to fight crime in them. So he proceeds to rip them off and scream about how much freer he feels just in his underwear. “I can’t look you in the eyes right now,” Batman says. Also, next to Reggae Man? The “Classic Batman” and Batman Beyond suits. Very cool.


Before the footage, producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller talked about the point of The Lego Batman Movie. “Why is he so bummed out? What is his day to day?” They hope this movie, with the help of a ton of villains and cameos, will answer those questions about Batman’s psyche.

The Lego Batman Movie opens February 10, 2017.