RoboPorter Carries Luggage for the Lazy

Illustration for article titled RoboPorter Carries Luggage for the Lazy

At this point, I think it's safe to say that we're living in the future. And what kind of sucker in the future carries his own luggage when there are robot slaves to do it for them? Luckily, the Kita Kyushu airport in Japan is now offering RoboPorters to help travelers tote their baggage. As of right now, it just knows how to bring people to bus stops and taxi stands, so you can't use it to get to your car, but it's a hint at what's to come in the even more distant and lazy future. Hooray! [Robot Watch via Digital World Tokyo]



@Ike_Skelton: "Just wait until it becomes self-aware...."

Then it will start asking for tip.