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Robot Chicken on Superman and the One Special They Won't Ever Make

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In October, Robot Chicken will premiere its third DC comics special. Co-creator Matt Senreich and writer-producer Tom Root described the demented take on Superman’s family life we’ll see and the special they’d love to do that they won’t ever get to do.

io9 and half a dozen other reporters had a chance to ask Senreich about the upcoming special and Robot Chicken in general. We asked what the dream episode was that they’ll never get to do. Senreich had a very simple answer:

As weird as it sounds, I want to do a Marvel special and I don’t think we’ll ever get to because Turner is owned by Warner which is DC. And then Marvel is Disney and even though we know everybody at Marvel I just don’t think the politics would play nicely to make that happen. But I would love to do that.


We then asked if there was a specific skit they have in mind for that special:

To be able to mock a Civil War, especially in this day and age, would be like the greatest thing of all time. But if, and this is a terrible tease because there’s been no discussion of it yet, but there is another special that I really want to do that we just started talking about. And I will know next Comic-Con because it will take a year from them to work out an agreement. But it’s not a Warner project which makes it interesting.


Later, writer-producer Tom Root described an alternate world take on Superman’s family life we’ll see this season:

Every season, we bring in this writer called Hugh Davidson whose of course now doing Mike Tyson Mysteries and he will write these bonkers sketches that we think could not possibly get in the show. And this time he wrote — and he doesn’t know superheroes real well, like I think the last Superman film he saw was the 1978 movie — what if Jor-El and Lara were actually in the middle of a custody battle and that’s why Jor-El launched the baby into space. So mom couldn’t have him.

So they’ve hired a private detective to find Kal-El and he comes to Earth and he talks to Ma and Pa Kent. It’s like, “Krypton never exploded. In fact, your father went crazy.” And it’s a just the matter of factness of this investigator as he’s going through his notes.


Sounds like Supes may have been better off just thinking they were heroes who died.

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