Robotic Venus Flytrap

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The Fly Catcher is an automated fly killer modeled after the Venus Fly Trap...or that plant from Little Shop of Horrors...we can't be certain.


The mouth is filled with a non-toxic substance that is irresistible to flies. When these flies/sometimes Jeff Goldblum creep in for their fix, one of two sensors is tripped and jaws slam shut. After a moment, the jaws reopen to a loud, AAA-powered electronic belch sure to entertain your friends (for 2 minutes before you annoy the hell out of them when you won't stop playing with it).

The vendor calls the trap a "frivolous, yet somewhat practical solution to the summer fly problem," and we can't agree more. About $30.

Product Page [via coolestgadgets]



Feeeed Me...

If you turn off the belch so you don't get woken up in the middle of the night, it would not be a half bad idea for people who live in buggier areas.

Wonder what PETA thinks of this?