There's a new exhibit at Coney Island that's fun for the whole family: the "Waterboard Thrill Ride." Greeted by Spongebob exuding "It don't Gitmo better!" you walk in to peer through bars at dude in dark sweats leaning over another guy in an orange suit, his face wrapped in a towel. Slip a dollar into the machine, and for 15 seconds, "Dark Hood" pours water into Orange Jumpsuit's nose and mouth while he convulses.


I think there might be some sort of political and cultural commentary going on-something about the US and torture and calling it a thrill ride and people paying to see it at a carnival. Anyways! The artist who created the animatronic exhibit, Steve Powers, actually wanted to do a waterboarding exhibit with real people-he'd be waterboarded first, then perform it on a volunteer, who would do it to the next guy and so on. But pseudo-drowning robots is obviously safer, and maybe a touch less controversial-after all, do androids dream of electric freedom? [NYT via BoingBoing]

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