Rocket Launches Are Way More Intense in 360-Degree VR

If you stood this close to a rocket launch, your face would probably look like deep-fried Swiss cheese. Luckily, 360-degree cameras and a VR headset can put you in the action a little more easily.

The video below was shot at the launch of a Delta-IV rocket from Vanderberg Air Force Base in California. The rocket carried some kind of secretive payload for the National Reconnaissance Office—in other words, a spy satellite. Regardless of what’s riding on top though, a rocket launch is a rocket launch, and VR is the best possible way to experience it.



Contributing Editor


I have no issue with calling this type of video 360-degree video, but technically isn’t it more than 360 degrees? If a flat circle is 360 degrees, wouldn’t a sphere by 360*180 degrees?