RockMelt, Craftsy, and More

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This week's best iPad apps are all about education. Even though many of these titles are kid-friendly, there is clearly no age limit on learning. We've got some old classics (from this century and beyond) and some new stuff too.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown : Stop right now and buy this for your kid (or yourself). It's not fall if this classic cartoon isn't on TV. Wait on the Great Pumpkin with Charlie, Lucy, and Linus, make your own Peanuts character, hear the original narration of the timeless tale, and so much more. $4.99


Craftsy: Need to learn to quilt? To crochet? To make a cake that look's like your boss's face? Craftsy will teach you how to do all those projects and more, with video lessons on your iPad. Free


Pyramids 3D: You started learning about Egyptian tombs in elementary school. But you know what? They're still cool because years later, they're still mysterious. Pretend you're Howard Carter with your tablet by exploring recreations of the insides of these mausoleums, hundreds of photos, 3D objects like King Tut's mask, and tons of history from the Egyptian monarchs. $13.99


RockMelt: This social browser lets you surf the web on autopilot. It gives you links it thinks you'll like, based on what you've clicked and shared on Facebook. This one's for the lazy folks. Free