Roland Emmerich making a Cloverfield-style alien invasion movie

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It looks like Roland Emmerich's next alien invasion movie won't be his Independence Day sequel. The director has been quietly working on The Zone, a low-budget "found footage" flick in the style of Cloverfield.

Heat Vision is reporting that Emmerich is set to start filming on The Zone, written by the French writer-director Guillaume Tunzini, in mid-November. Little is known about the film except that it will be an alien invasion movie, it will be largely improvised — and it will be "found footage" film, taken from videos purported to be "real found footage" in the context of the film, much like what we've seen in Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity.

Emmerich hasn't worked with a budget less than $100 million since Stargate in 1994, but he'll have to get creative with The Zone. The film has a budget of just $5 million.


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