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Romantic Lamp That Splits in Two Glows Brighter When Both Are Switched On

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know those couples in iPhone ads, torn apart by distance and forced into FaceTiming each night? This Ping lamp is for them. It splits in two, and communicates over Wi-Fi so you always know when someone's thinking of you.

Not that this lamp should be used as a strobe light. Instead, the idea is that one person, let's call him Fred, switches on his lamp, which actually turns on his girlfriend Frederica's lamp instead. Frederica then knows Fred is thinking of her, and to reciprocate she can switch on her lamp, which triggers his lamp instead. When both lamps are on—and thus, both sides of the couple are thinking of one another, they glow even brighter.


It's enough to make a singleton feel the bile rise, really. [Thanks, Wouter!]


Ping: Connected lamps from Studio Sophisti on Vimeo.