Romney 2012 Becomes First Political Campaign to Buy a Twitter Trending Topic

In what is by all accounts a pathetic bid for social currency, Mitt Romney's campaign has officially become the first political campaign to buy a trending topic on Twitter.

There are several ways you could look at this:

1. Romney 2012 fears that, come Thursday night—which is the last night of the RNC and when the trending topic is set to go live—the GOP nom's campaign will still need an added boost to achieve social relevancy.


2. Mitt Romney is patently unaware of how trends work—which is organically, not by the dollar.

3. Mitt Romney really likes Twitter and wants to set a trending topic precedent in his bid to become president .

Before you get all butthurt and berate me for daring to comment on a right wing candidate's social media savvy, don't. I know Obama was on r/AMA earlier today and that's somewhat amusing, too. But Obama was answering questions, or trying to. Romney is simply paying for pageant popularity. Get where I'm going? [WSJ via TheVerge]


Original photo: J.D. Pooley/Getty

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