Rumor: iPhone Battery Craps Out After 40 Minutes

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John C. Dvorak clearly has it in for the iPhone. Aside from suggesting Apple should pull the plug on the holy gadget, he's also "leaking" info from a Cingular rep who claims he's testing the iPhone and complains that its battery dies after 40 minutes.


According to mystery Cingular man, "there's lots of issues" with the phone and the interface screws up all the time. The battery part I'll buy. The fact that the interface screws up all the time, meh, it doesn't sound very Apple-y, but if true that means they got about two months to get things straight.

Dvorak: iPhone Battery Dead After 40 Minutes [The Apple Blog via GearFuse]



1. It has not been released. Who cares if it blows up when changing songs — all that really matters is how it works when someone starts buying it. Can you imagine how well most technology works two months prior to release?

2. Dvorak certainly loves to goat Apple fans, but even Apple nuts need to give him props. After all, he did predict that Apple would switch to Intel processors, and said Apple computers would be running Windows not long after. Tough to argue with someone who makes highly accurate predictions that every single Apple fan disagreed with.

3. Falconfire: Dvorak was writing for MacUser, not MacWorld. At least, that is where I was reading him way back when. His columns were excellent then, and they still are today — but, yes, he does have a talent for striking a nerve with Apple folks. Especially when he is correct (which is fairly often).