Dvorak Isn't Drinking the iPhone Kool-Aid, Thinks Apple Should Can the Device

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Cheers, John C. Dvorak. I will clank my anti-iPhone Kool-Aid with you. In Dvorak's latest MarketWatch column he boldly goes where very few technology journalists go. He declares war on the iPhone and suggests that Apple should pull the plug on the gadget before it is too late.


The Cranky Geek makes a good point that Apple's past successes have been in emerging markets. He goes on to say that to use the patented Apple flashy design and jazzy advertising in an extremely robust cellphone market may not work so well and will end up hurting Apple's reputation. If you recall, Apple hasn't had a true flop for quite some time and the iPhone may be just what the doctor ordered. Dvorak still shows love for Apple, though. He would rather see the iPhone as a "reference design" created by Apple and dumped onto another sucker willing to tackle it, like Samsung, he suggests.

Good luck, Apple. Dvorak and I think you will need it. Now pardon me while I go skipping down the street, hand-in-hand, with my eternal lover, John C. Hudson Dvorak.

Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone [MarketWatch]



he's a idiot... Apple does, in the very competitive computer business exactly what they will do in the with the iPhone. make a big profit margin on a well designed high end niche product. Just like Apple doesn't need huge market share to make tidy profits on their computers (profits are something like 3x that of the computer market) they don't need it in the cell phone industry either.. they are not going for the $0 with contract crowd..

this guy makes NO sense!

"First the MP3 player business was segmented and unfocused with numerous players making a lot of cheap junk and not doing much to market any of it."

and the comments about the iPod are rubbish too.. Apple introduce the 1st MP3 player with the right form factor, right storage capacity and the right price and quality... and yes they did advertise but to say it was just advertising is just stupid... he, himself said the competition was selling junk... was the iPod also junk? the fact that he refused to say that the iPod was a step up from what was being produced at the time reveals just how disingenuous he is...

can you say "TROLL" boy and girls...