Rumor Smashed: iPhone Not on Cingular for $299/$399

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Really? We weren't clear enough that the whole iPhone on Cingular subsidized for $299/$399 was a fake that some websites are actually thinking that it's real? Really? C'mon. Really?


Here's the word straight from Cingular:

It's a fake.


iPhone [Gizmodo]


Where does Mario come into this? You are going to confuse a lot of people including that lil' guy in the pic. I think $300 is too much anyways. There is no way that all the mass produced parts and bulk discounts should make a phone these days that is that expensive. I don't see how most phones cost more then a DS or PSP. They cannot be that much to make. Can someone explain the rediculous mark-up to me? I can see the camera parts and maybe the processor(?) it uses costing something, but other then that, c'mon. We are getting screwed. They have got to be making a HUGE profit on these. I just wanna know why. I used to work at the terrible Best Buy, and I know bad mark-ups, like $600 mark-ups on TVs, but I think cell phones have got to be reaming the consumer. Anyone clarify this? I mean, half the crappy phones out there, without a plan, are freakin crazy priced.