Rumor Smashed: Linksys Brand Not Going Anywhere

Contrary to what was reported last week on Uberpulse, Cisco is not fading out the Linksys brand.

The Orange County Register reports (and we confirmed with Cisco) that the Linksys brand is staying put, and will not be phased out in favor of consumer-branded Cisco equipment. This is important because Linksys is such a trusted name in consumer networking, as opposed to Cisco, which is only recognized by people in the business. So for the "near term," the Linksys brand will stay. In the long term, they will "examine their branding strategy going forward." So no promises. [FreedomBlogging]

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Guys, it's not Linksys but Cisco that cause you grief. Before Cisco bought Linksys, you would get an experience support specialist on the second ring and that person would have made sure the device work.

Cisco has screwed up the Linksys brand and the only reason they bought Linksys it seem is to kill it.

I still prefer a Linksys router to the other brands and have never had a problem except dead power supply.