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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

For anyone who wants to get running with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit but is disinclined to drop a hundred bucks on a new pair of special Nike+ kicks, comes the RunAway AnyShoe adapter. This $8 weatherproof sensor holder attaches to your running shoe's laces and has an easy-to-access button to turn the sensor's wireless signal off for air travel—which is a slight improvement over the Nike+ shoes, which require you to remove an insole to get at the device.


The RunAway is available in five colors to match even the orangest of sneakers. Get your training groove on this way for $30. It is an investment that'll reap rewards in more runs and a new-found appreciation for leggings.


Product Page [Switcheasy via iLounge]

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@Paul D...

Calm down, buddy. The Nike+iPod isn't forcing anyone to do anything. I own a Nano, I like to run, I went out and bought one because it tells me roughly how far I've ran, how many calories I've burned, and every once in a while someone like Lance Armstrong comes on and goes "Hey, way to go, you ran really fast today."

And if it gets some of the "Taco Bell for lunch, Mickey D's for dinner", heftier crowd motivated to move, or even if it gets anyone motivated to move, more power to it.

$8 for a clippy thing for your shoe laces though? I'll pass. I run in Mizunos and I just tuck the sensor under my laces. I've put over 100 miles on the sensor (usually in 5K increments) and I've never had a problem.