Runaway Subway Blows Through Six Stations with No Driver

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Passengers on the London Tube barely escaped with their lives when a defective train with no driver broke away and sped through six stations without stopping. Circle round and hear the harrowing tale of London's ghost train of death.


The runaway train was an engineering vehicle that carried supplies for Tube workers, and its rolling rampage started at 7AM. The ghost train raced four miles and blew through six stops before it came to a halt; several passenger trains narrowly avoided collision by speeding through stops and diverting to other lines to get away from it. It's still unclear what caused it to malfunction. But at least no injuries were reported.

Update: Multiple commenters note that there appears to be a giant knife in a lady's hand at 0:34 in the above video. Will the London Tube ever be safe again?

[Daily Mail, image via Getty]



I don't know how the engineers/traffic controllers/whatever they're called manage to divert trains and avoid collisions so adeptly, but I'm glad they were able to keep everyone safe.

Having said that, I also don't know what makes a train go all self-aware.